Association Between Digital Educational Intervention and HPV Vaccination Uptake in the Eskenazi Health System in Indianapolis, Indiana, Between October 12, 2015, and April 12, 2016

GroupNo. Subjects, NCount of Change in Vaccine State (%)OR95% CIP
Intervention versus control clinics
 Adolescents who presented to an intervention clinic537348 (64.8)1.821.47–2.25<.001
 Adolescents who presented to a control clinic1059531 (50.1)N/AN/AReference
Tablet versus no tablet
 Subjects who received a tablet during clinic visit at an intervention clinic141110 (78.0)3.071.47–6.42.003
 Subjects who did not receive a tablet during clinic visit at a control or intervention clinic1455768 (52.8)N/AN/AReference
  • N/A, not applicable.