Study Population: Family Characteristics

Family CharacteristicsN%
Primary Insurer
 Medicaid fee for service15374
 Medicaid managed care2110
Household income (% FPL)
Social stressors
 Receive food assistance6531
 PIPP and/or HEAP5325
 Single-parent household4622
 Rely on public transportation178
 Receive housing assistance168
 Miles from center, median (range)20820.9 (0–135)
Program status as of October 1, 2015, median (range) per child-mo of observation
 Active16316.5 (4.4–34.6)
 Discharged296 (0–32)
 Deceased104.2 (1.4–19.3)
 Overall20814.8 (0–34.6)
  • FPL, federal poverty level; HEAP, Home Energy Assistance Plan; PIPP, Percentage of Income Payment Plan; —, not applicable.