Postconcussion Symptom Scale (Ages 5–12 Years)

Not at All or NeverA Little or RarelySomewhat or SometimesA Lot or Often
I have headaches0123
I feel dizzy0123
I feel like the room is spinning0123
I feel like I’m going to faint0123
Things are blurry when I look at them0123
I see double0123
I feel sick to my stomach0123
My neck hurts0123
I get tired a lot0123
I get tired easily0123
I have trouble paying attention0123
I get distracted easily0123
I have a hard time concentrating0123
I have problems remembering what people tell me0123
I have problems following directions0123
I daydream too much0123
I get confused0123
I forget things0123
I have problems finishing things0123
I have trouble figuring things out0123
It’s hard for me to learn new things0123