Summary of Key Articles of the UNCRC in the Areas of Protection, Promotion, and Participation

Rights of Protection: Keeping Safe From Harm
 6Right to life
 9Right not to be separated from parents
 19Right to be protected from all forms of abuse
 20Right to special attention (eg, adoption and fostering if deprived of family)
 32Right to be protected from economic exploitation
 33Right to be protected from illicit drugs
 34Right to be protected from all forms of sexual exploitation
Rights of Promotion: Life, Survival, and Development to Full Potential
 24Right to the highest standard of health care
 27Right to a standard of living adequate for the child’s physical, mental, spiritual, moral, and social development
Rights of Participation: Having an Active Voice
 7, 8Right to an identity (name, family, and nationality)
 12,13Right to express views freely and to be listened to
 17Right to access to information
 23Right for children with disabilities to enjoy life and participate actively in society