Concussion Rates in High School Sports

SportConcussions per 1000 AEs
Boys’ tackle football0.54–0.94
Girls’ soccer0.30–0.73
Boys’ lacrosse0.30–0.67
Boys’ ice hockey0.54–0.62
Boys’ wrestling0.17–0.58
Girls’ lacrosse0.20–0.55
Girls’ field hockey0.10–0.44
Girls’ basketball0.16–0.44
Boys’ soccer0.17–0.44
Girls’ softball0.10–0.36
Boys’ basketball0.07–0.25
Girls’ volleyball0.05–0.25
Boys’ baseball0.04–0.14
Girls’ gymnastics0.07
Boys’ and girls’ track and/or field0.02
Boys’ and girls’ swimming and/or diving0.01–0.02
  • Data compiled from Gessel et al,39 Lincoln et al,40 Rosenthal et al,49 Marar et al,58 Meehan et al,59 O’Connor et al,60 Currie et al,61 and Castile et al.62