Postconcussion Symptom Scale (Ages 13 and Older)

SymptomsNo SymptomsMildModerateSevere
“Pressure in head”0123456
Neck pain0123456
Nausea or vomiting0123456
Blurred vision0123456
Balance problems0123456
Sensitivity to light0123456
Sensitivity to noise0123456
Feeling slowed down0123456
Feeling “in a fog”0123456
“Don’t feel right”0123456
Difficulty concentrating0123456
Difficulty remembering0123456
Fatigue and/or low energy0123456
More emotional0123456
Nervous or anxious0123456
Trouble falling asleep0123456
  • Use of the Postconcussion Symptom Scale: The athlete should fill out the form, on his or her own, to give a subjective value for each symptom. This form can be used with each encounter to track the athlete’s progress toward the resolution of symptoms. Many athletes may have some of these reported symptoms at baseline, such as concentration difficulties in a patient with ADHD or sadness in an athlete with underlying depression, and this must be taken into consideration when interpreting the score. Athletes do not have to be at a total score of 0 to return to play if they had similar symptoms before the concussion. There are currently no guidelines that determine the severity of a concussion on the basis of these scores.