Summary Table of Outcome Measures for Inpatient Asthma Care QI Efforts

Acute asthma managementTime to beta-adrenergic agonist administration
Oxygen saturation checked on presentation
Peak flow measured
Use of oral steroids
Use of ipratropium for inpatient
CAC-1, 2, 3 compliance
Hospital resourcesLOS
Hospital costs and charges
ICU transfer
Discharge managementInhaler technique assessment
Controller prescription at discharge
Self-management plan with education completed
In-hand medications at discharge
Patient and parent outcomesKnowledge assessment
 Parent reported asthma management
 Parental knowledge of asthma
 Short-term of retention as asthma knowledge
 Demonstration of acceptable asthma management by PMD after discharge
Symptom assessment
 School absenteeism
 Symptoms and/or impairment of daily activities
 Self-reported efficacy scores
Parent satisfaction with education
Caregiver quality of life
Postdischarge outcomesFollow-up
 PMD follow-up
 Asthma specialty clinic follow-up
Resource use
 Revisit to ED
 Future steroid course
  • PMD, primary medical doctor.