Key Roles and Responsibilities Within the UAMS DOP FMP

 Know the PT guidelines
 Provide the following to the MC:
  Updated CV
  Job description and time and effort allocation
  Summary of recent accomplishments
  Summary of teaching evaluations and portfolio
  Short- and long-term goals
  Evolving PT packet (start from d 1)
  Annual faculty evaluation from department chair (voluntary)
 Work with MC chair to ensure MC meets twice per y during “mentoring season”
 Review and approve MC minutes before submission
 Know the PT guidelines
 Know the mentee’s pathway, y in rank, and time and effort allocation
 Meet twice per y during “mentoring season”
 Review updated CV, evolving PT packet, and other materials before the meeting
 Evaluate mentee performance according to the UAMS and COM PT guidelines in the following areas:
  Clinical service
  Administrative service
  Other scholarly activity
  Professional recognition
 Discuss work-life balance and avoidance of burnout
 Discuss strategic career planning and goal setting
 Provide mentee feedback on other issues that arise
 Review and approve MC minutes before submission
MC chair
 All of the mentor responsibilities noted above
 With mentee, make sure the MC meets twice a y during the “mentoring season”
 Lead the meeting and address all points on the MC minutes template
 Be available between MC meetings for additional mentoring needs
 Prepare template-guided MC minutes
 Obtain approval of MC minutes from mentee and MC members before submission
 Provide MC minutes to FAVC and FMP director
 Provide an environment conducive to success
 Assist mentee with goal setting
 Provide input on MC formation to FMP director
 Meet with mentee on a regular basis to provide assessment and feedback
 Provide feedback on MC minutes to FAVC and FMP director
 Address any problems identified in MC minutes
FMP director
 Explain FMP during new faculty recruitment and orientation
 Work with new mentee and SC to identify most appropriate mentors
 Invite identified mentors and officially form a 3-member MC
 Provide all background materials and instructions to support the MC meeting process
 Review all MC minutes
 Follow-up recommendations from MC minutes in conjunction with the FAVC
 Work with mentee to change pathway or track if needed
 Present FMP workshops and seminars; maintain a library of video-archived presentations
 Advise or refer mentee on any aspect of faculty development or work-life balance as needed
 Update department chair if a concern about a mentee or mentor arises
 Maintain FMP database and provide periodic reports
 Provide MC recommendations to department PT committee when mentee is reviewed
 Make changes or adjustments to FMP process whenever needs or improvements are identified
 Conduct ongoing evaluations of FMP to identify potential weaknesses
 Publish all aspects of the FMP in appropriate peer-reviewed journals
 Announce and/or remind all faculty of spring and fall “mentoring season”
 Monitor and assure MC meets
 Maintain a database on meeting times, receipt of minutes, and minutes transmittal in the feedback loop
 Provide MC minutes to SC for feedback
 Facilitate agreement if discordance between SC input and MC recommendations
 Transmit final approved MC minutes to department chair and the MC chair
Departmental chair
 Provide financial support to the FMP
 Emphasize and be a role model for the importance of mentoring in the department
 Recognize and reward mentoring excellence
 Sponsor Mentor of the Year awards
 Evaluate FMP and PT process in annual faculty development review
 Enable and facilitate recommendations from the MC
 Mediate and resolve disagreement between MC and SC if cannot be resolved by FAVC
  • COM, College of Medicine.