CPCQ at Baseline, 6, and 12 Months

QuestionTimeMostly or Always Responses, %Odds Ratioa (Intervention Versus Control)P
Intervention, n = 105Control, n = 104Estimate95% CI
“How often did you get the services you thought you needed?” (question 1)Baseline7470.51b
6 mo75810.670.32–1.37.27
12 mo87732.501.08–5.72  .03
“In the past 3 months, how often did you feel the care you received was well coordinated?” (question 7)Baseline6672.29b
6 and 12 mo81781.200.65–2.20.56
“How often were you happy with the quality of care you received?” (question 8)Baseline7385.03,b
6 and 12 mo88792.021.00–4.06.05
“How often were you confused about the roles of different services providers?” (question 9)cBaseline1624.16b
6 and 12 mo12210.480.25–0.94 .03
“How often did you seem to get conflicting advice from service providers?” (question 11)cBaseline1923.48b
6 mo17370.350.17–0.70<.01
12 mo31241.510.75–3.05.24
“Overall, how satisfied are you with the care you have received in the past 3 months?” (question 15)dBaseline7681.36b
6 and 12 mo91851.980.92–4.25.08
“How often does your GP talk with you about your future care?” (question 19)Baseline5957.72b
6 mo56521.190.65–2.18.57
12 mo66462.431.27–4.63   <.01
  • GP, general practitioner.

  • a Logistic regression analyses.

  • b Cochran–Mante–Haenszel P value.

  • c This question is reverse coded; lower percentages are associated with better results.

  • d The scale for this question is slightly different: very dissatisfied, moderately dissatisfied, neutral, moderately satisfied, very satisfied.