Comparison of Mean Cost Per Discharge Pre- and Postpathway

CategoryMean Cost Pre ($)Mean Cost Post ($)Difference95% Confidence Interval for Difference
Total59704416−1553*−2602 to −707
Pharmacy: IV fluid–related14557−87*−113 to −61
Pharmacy: other134−10−40 to 4
Laboratory559370−189*−270 to −104
Blood bank9760−37−73 to 4
Room charges36992423−1276*−1961 to −557
Occupational and/or physical therapy5346−7−49 to 40
Diagnostic imaging4915−34−101 to 13
Other11154−9 to 28
ED: professional fees11701328158*30 to 290
ED: IV fluid–related41410*1 to 21
ED: other16473−91*−140 to −42
  • Costs are adjusted to 2013 dollars. All patients are included in the comparison. In this analysis, we use the mean outcomes from 1000 bootstrapped samples to generate a cost difference estimate and bias-corrected confidence intervals. OT, occupational therapy; PT, physical therapy.

  • * P < .05.