Organizations Focused on Hunger

NameWeb SiteFocusComments
Bread for the Worldwww.bread.orgNonpartisan policy analysis and strategies to end hunger in the United States and the world. Provides education for opinion leaders, policy makers, and the public on hungerYearly report on key issues in hunger, often focused on the United States. Offers strategies for engaging churches and communities in advocacy. Faith-based, Christian organization
Feeding America network of food banks; develops and stocks food banks and other emergency food distribution systemsE-mail newsletter, annual report. Volunteer opportunities locally at many levels
Mazonhttp://mazon.orgPolicy change, strategy, and education to end hungerWorks to improve nutritious food choices in food banks, provides food for seniors, and impacts hunger in rural areas. Places a high priority on the support of child nutrition programs. Faith-based, Jewish organization
Community for Zero Hungerhttp://www.zerohungercommunity.orgSupports UN Zero Hunger Challenge; focused on world hungerHigh-level policy oriented
Share Our Strengthhttps://www.nokidhungry.orgRuns the No Kid Hungry Campaign; teaches cooking to low-income families, supports and teaches MyPlateGuides volunteers to hunger-based opportunities in their communities
Food and Research Action Center http://frac.orgNational nonprofit organization that works on policy and research with hundreds of national, state, and local nonprofit organizations, public agencies, corporations, and labor organizations to address hunger, food insecurity, and their root cause: povertyMaintains a list of state antihunger organizations, which can be found at:
1,000 Dayswww.thousanddays.orgFocuses on nutrition and all forms of malnutrition in the first 1000 d of life. Works in the United States and globally to promote action and investment in maternal, infant, and young child nutrition1,000 Days is “high-level policy oriented” in both the global and domestic contexts, and the organization has a large grassroots constituency of advocates (primarily mothers) in the United States
  • UN, United Nations.