Baseline Characteristics of Included Trials

StudyTotal NFeeding MethodMedian Infant Age, wksCesarean Delivery, %Family History of Atopy, %Boys, %Median Baseline Crying and/or Fussing Duration, min per dMeasure of Crying and/or Fussing Duration
Italya2246Breast (exclusive), with maternal dairy elimination4.4414363350Diary completed at the end of each day
Poland2380Breast (predominant)4.9NANA60240
Australia25167Breast and formula7.1406050330Baby’s Day Diary33 (completed every few h in intervals of 5 min)
Canada2452Breast (exclusive)5.9213948126
IPDMA345Breast and formula5.9324954260
  • NA, not applicable.

  • a Industry sponsored and/or funded.