Frequency of Type of Blind Cord and Mode of Entanglement Associated With Entanglement Incidents Among Children Younger Than 6 Years of Age by Type of Window Blind, IDIs 1996–2012

CharacteristicsBlind Typea
Horizontal, nVertical, nRoman, nPleated,bnRoller, nRoll-Up, nUnknown, nTotal, n
Cord type
 Operating cord944239614159
  Continuous loop cord5422460160
  Nonloop cord(s) ending in separate tassel(s)4301200147
  Cords joined at the end with a clip and/or tassel to form a loop2500301130
  Other and/or unspecified operating cord2100000122
 Inner cord23023000046
 Lift cord00000303
Mode of entanglement
 Loop as part of manufactured design26412563285
 Loop formed by knotted and/or tangled cord(s)3911101043
 Loop formed by inner cord23023000046
 Nonloop cord(s)1200200115
 Loop formed by tied cord(s) to other object40000004
 Loop formed above cord wind-up device00010001
  • a Distribution of blind type in this table should not be interpreted to imply risk associated with each type of blind because of potential bias in the IDI sample and lack of exposure data for each blind type.

  • b Includes cellular blinds.