Transition Services Receipt and Satisfaction

% Received Service% Satisfied With Received Service% Did Not Receive Service but Would Have Liked To
Transition Service AssessedFull Sample13–15 y16–18 y19+ yFull SampleFull Sample
Provider discussed how health care needs might change in adulthood33.329.438.338.1N/AN/A
Provider discussed how to manage child’s transition into adult health system19.816.725.419.1N/AN/A
Informative materials about transition process17.019.613.614.3100.090.4
Written transition plan3.32.95.00100.087.2
Written medical summary8.810.98.30100.087.2
Support in searching for an adult PCP7.
Information on adult medical specialists11.89.015.814.394.482.0
Help with teaching youth to manage own health care needs19.422.512.323.8100.073.3
Information about obtaining guardianship9.
Other transition-related services or supports13.35.924.119.188.9N/A
Received any transition service59.655.966.757.196.891.6
  • N/A, not available.