Diagnosis, Health Characteristics, Issues and Difficulties, and Health Care Use

% or Mean
ASD diagnosis
 Asperger syndrome42.6%
 Pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified15.3%
ASD severity
Issues and difficulties
 Difficulty processing sensory information72.7%
 Difficulty communicating72.1%
 Repetitive behaviors63.9%
 Other behavior problems48.6%
 Sleep problems42.6%
 Difficulty with digestion41.5%
 Disordered eating39.3%
 Other health or functioning issues21.3%
Current health insurance coverage
 No insurance1.1%
 Public and private21.9%
Mean no. doctor or provider visits in last 12 mo8.8
Have personal doctor or nurse
 No regular health care provider2.7%
 Primary care pediatrician70.5%
 Pediatric specialist38.3%
 Nurse practitioner15.9%
 Other personal doctor or nurse27.3%
Mean no. visits with personal doctor or nurse in last 12 mo4.8
Health care–related needs
Scheduling appointments for a specific time or day51.4%
Concerns about medication interactions21.3%
Extra or extended appointments14.2%
Doctor or nurse modeling steps to be performed in the examination11.5%
Seen in a quiet secluded room or a private office9.8%
Use of extra nursing staff9.8%
Use of social stories or communication boards8.7%
Visits to the doctor before a procedure to familiarize the patient6.6%
Separate waiting room5.5%
Augmentative communication4.4%