Spectrum of the 1326 Cases of CHD and Corresponding Severity

Predominant DefectN (%)aSeverityb
Aortic stenosis1 (0.1)A
Total anomalous pulmonary venous connection2 (0.2)A
Interrupted aortic arch2 (0.2)A
Coarctation of the aorta6 (0.5)A
3 (0.2)B
2 (0.2)D
Hypoplastic left heart syndrome2 (0.2)A
Transposition of the great arteries7 (0.5)A
Double outlet right ventricle3 (0.2)A
1 (0.1)B
Pulmonary atresia8 (0.6)A
1 (0.1)B
Single ventricle5 (0.4)A
Tetralogy of Fallot5 (0.4)A
18 (1.4)B
Pulmonary stenosis3 (0.2)A
15 (1.1)B
27 (2.0)C
Atrioventricular septal defect4 (0.3)B
Ebstein1 (0.1)C
2 (0.2)B
Atrial septal defect153 (11.5)C
87 (6.6)D
Ventricular septal defect104 (7.8)B
320 (24.1)C
82 (6.2)D
Patent ductus arteriosus11 (0.8)B
377 (28.4)D
74 (5.6)C
  • Major CHD includes CCHD (A) and serious defects (B).

  • a Based on the number of affected newborns (including those diagnosed before discharge and after discharge).

  • b Classification of severity: A = critical, B = serious, C = significant, D = nonsignificant.