Baseline Characteristics of the Subgroup of Patients With an Indeterminate Reference Standard

Patients With Reference Bacterial/Viral Outcomes, n = 307Patients With Reference Indeterminate Outcomes, n = 54P
Age, y (mean, SD)4.0 (4.3)4.6 (4.0).34
Sex, female, n (%)148 (48)22 (41).38
Maximal temperature, °C (mean, SD)39.3 (0.8)39.4 (0.9).59
Received antibiotics, n (%)153 (49)35 (65).04
Time from symptom onset, d (mean, SD)3.5 (2.1)3.8 (2.1).34
Hospital admission, n (%)113 (45)26 (54).13
Hospitalization duration, d (median, IQR)0 (3)1 (3).43
  • Baseline characteristics of patients with bacterial or viral reference standard outcomes (left column) and patients with indeterminate reference standard outcome (right column). Reference standard outcomes were assigned according to expert panel majority. IQR, interquartile range.