Characteristics of Studies Included in Meta-analyses

Authors, yDesignSettingStudy PopulationaSample SizeAge Range, yBoys, %Country or Territory of ImplementationContentb ModificationsComparator
Abrahamse et al,13 2016RCTCommunity clinicNone specified452–858NetherlandsNoneFamily creative therapy
Bagner and Eyberg,14 2007RCTAcademic clinicMild to moderate intellectual impairment303–677United StatesTLWaitlist
Bagner et al,38 2010RCTAcademic clinicChildren born <37 wk281.5–572United StatesTLWaitlist
Brestan et al,39 1997RCTAcademic clinicNone specified303–683United StatesNoneWaitlist
Chaffin et al,7 2004RCTUnclearPhysical abuse and/or maltreatment1104–12NRUnited StatesSPCommunity parenting group
Danko,16 2015RCTHomeFoster children162–569United StatesTL and NMBibliotherapy
Eyberg et al,40 1995RCTUnclearNone specified413–680United StatesNoneWaitlist
Foley,11 2011QuasiCommunity clinicMaltreatment and DV491–1561United StatesTL, NM, and SPGroup TAU
Leung et al,41 2009QuasiCommunity clinicNone specified1302–876Hong KongNoneWaitlist
Leung et al,42 2015RCTCommunity clinicNone specified1112–774Hong KongNoneWaitlist
Matos et al,12 2009RCTAcademic clinicADHD (not inattention)324–6NRPuerto RicoTL, NM, and SPADHD psycho-education and waitlist
McCabe et al17,37; 2009, 2012RCTCommunity clinicNone specified583–770United StatesNone and SPTAU
McNeil et al,32 1999QuasiAcademic clinicNone specified322.5–8.675United StatesNoneWaitlist
Mersky et al,10 2016RCTAcademic clinicFoster children913–646United StatesTL, NM, and SPTAU
Nixon et al,33 2003RCTAcademic clinicNone specified543–570AustraliaTL, NM, and SPWaitlist
Querido,43 2004RCTAcademic clinicHead Start families263–558United StatesSPStandard care
Schuhmann et al,36 1998RCTAcademic clinicNone specified643–681United StatesNoneWaitlist
Solomon et al,15 2008QuasiAcademic clinicAutism spectrum195–12100United StatesNoneWaitlist
Stokes,44 2014QuasiCommunity clinic63% disruptive behavior disorder302–757United StatesNoneBehavioral health rehabilitation service
Terao,45 1999RCTAcademic clinicPhysical abuse342–765United StatesTLTAU
Thomas and Zimmer-Gembeck,46 2011RCTAcademic clinicRisk for maltreatment1502–871AustraliaNoneWaitlist
Thomas and Zimmer-Gembeck,9 2012RCTAcademic clinicRisk for maltreatment1012–767AustraliaTL, NM, and SPWaitlist
Webb et al,8 2016QuasiAcademic clinicRisk for maltreatment942–765AustraliaTL, NM, and SPWaitlist
  • ADHD, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder; DV, domestic violence; NM, nonmastery; NR, not reported; SP, specific population; TAU, treatment as usual; TL, time-limited.

  • a Context modifications include intervention setting and children with disruptive behaviors and other comorbid problems and does not relate to ethnicity.

  • b Content modifications include TL, NM, and SP changes.