Multivariable Analysis of Experiencing Sustained High Numbers of ED Visits in 2013–2014

CharacteristicsSustained High ED Use (≥8 ED Visits in 2013–2014)
aOR95% CI
Age group, y
 <2 Ref
 2–5 0.81(0.75–0.87)
 6–11 0.87(0.80–0.95)
 12–16 1.38(1.27–1.50)
Male sexa0.82(0.77–0.86)
Race and/or ethnicity
 African American0.90(0.84–0.96)
Insurance type
 Managed care1.0(0.92–1.08)
Basis of eligibility: disabilityb1.28(1.13–1.45)
No. of chronic conditions
Any CCC1.20(1.11–1.30)
  • Children with sustained high ED use experienced ≥4 ED discharges in 2012 and ≥8 ED discharges in 2013 and 2014 combined. The regression model compares these children to children who also experienced ≥4 ED discharges in 2012 but did not experience 8 or more ED discharges 2013 and 2014 combined. A generalized linear model was used and included all of the covariates listed in Table 1 except the individual CCCs which were excluded because of small sample sizes. CI, confidence interval; —, not applicable.

  • a Reference group is female sex.

  • b Reference group is children not eligible for Medicaid due to a disability.