Descriptive Statistics of Dependent and Independent Variables for the Analytic Sample (N = 2420)

Dependent Variables
 Child’s TL8.
Child’s TL (ln, trimmed)
Independent variables
 Father loss, with ages of child at loss
  No father loss0.4801
  Loss at age 0–10.1901
  Loss at age 1–30.1301
  Loss at age 3–50.1001
  Loss at age 5–90.1001
  Incarceration at age 0–50.0901
  Incarceration at age 5–90.1101
Mediator variables
 Change in income (after loss − before loss), %5.2120.3−100727
 Change in social support0.10.2−33
  African American0.4901
 Child is female0.4801
Control variables (baseline)
 Ln (household income)9.891.10011.8
 Social support2.630.503
 Mother’s age25.025.941447
 Mother’s education12.01
 Child is low birth weight (<2.5 kg)0.0901
 Child is firstborn0.3801
 Mother lives with child’s father0.6101
 Mother discussed abortion0.3701
 Mother or father ever depressed0.4901
 Mother or father ever had an alcohol problem0.4801
 Mother or father ever incarcerated0.4501
 Mother lived with both parents at 150.4301
 Mother’s report of relationship quality11.264.4416
 Mother’s report of overall health2.890.9414
  • ln, natural logarithm.