Child and Household Characteristics by Gender and Illness Episodes

Illness EpisodesFull Sample
N59 62447 23913 84561 20159 507
Has electricity (% of households)43.836.823.638.139.3
Has car (% of households)
Has telephone (% of households)
Urban city (% urban)38.135.425.335.036.1
Mothers’ literacy levels (% illiterate)34.349.465.644.943.0
Highest education levels (% of teens)
 No education14.721.034.917.121.9
 Secondary or higher23.919.011.320.620.6
  • The table illustrates frequencies in the full analytic sample of 120 708 adolescent boys and girls of household and education characteristics by number of illness episodes and gender. All differences across the number of illnesses are significant at P < .001 (χ2). Household characteristics are different among households with 0, 1, or 2 illness episodes. These observed (and unobserved, fixed) differences are controlled for with household fixed effects.