Mean Difference From Unadjusted Linear Regression and Odds Ratio (OR) From Unadjusted Logistic Regression Comparing CI Recipients Exposed to Sign Language to the No Sign (Reference) Group

No Sign (Ref)Short-term Sign vs No Sign (Ref)Long-term Sign vs No Sign (Ref)
Standard ScoresMean SSMean Difference95% Confidence IntervalPMean Difference95% Confidence IntervalP
Spoken language
 Early elementary85.6−8.15−18.65 to 2.35.13−12.63−22.25 to −3.00.01
 Late elementary96.2−12.33−24.20 to −0.45.04−19.81−30.70 to −8.92<.001
Reading comprehension
 Early elementary101.10.11−9.11 to 9.33.98−3.20−11.65 to 5.26.46
 Late elementary94.9−6.51−14.18 to 1.16.10−8.83−15.86 to −1.80.01
Delayed (SS <85)OR95% Confidence IntervalPOR95% Confidence IntervalP
Spoken language
 Early elementary1.440.52 to 4.01.483.181.16 to 8.67.02
 Late elementary3.411.17 to to 10.61.007
Reading comprehension
 Early elementary1.850.44 to 7.69.401.550.40 to 6.05.53
 Late elementary3.941.31 to to 10.51.01