Inclusion Criteria

Study populationChildren ages 2–12 y with ASD (mean age + SD is ≤12 y and 11 mo)
Publication languagesEnglish only
Admissible evidence (study design and other criteria)Admissible designs
 RCTs, prospective and retrospective cohort studies with comparison groups, and non-RCTs
Other criteria
 Original research studies published from 2010 to the present
 Studies must have relevant population and ≥20 participants with ASD (non-RCTs) or at least 10 total participants (RCTs)
 Studies must address ≥1 of the following for ASD:
  Outcomes of interest
  Treatment modality of interest
  Predictors or drivers of treatment outcomes (eg, biomarkers, clinical changes)
  Maintenance of outcomes across environments or contexts
  Sufficiently detailed methods and results to enable data extraction
  Reporting of outcome data by target population or intervention