General Description of ID Level and ASD Diagnosis of Participants Diagnosed With FXS Enrolled Between September 7, 2012 and August 31, 2014 in the FORWARD Longitudinal Database

Clinician’s summary of overall ID level
 Participants <7 y of age, N16241
  % with developmental delay10070.7
 Participants ≥7 y of age, N362106
  No ID, %0.621.7
  Borderline ID, %3.631.1
  Mild ID, %22.933.0
  Moderate ID, %59.912.3
  Severe ID, %12.41.9
  Profound ID, %0.60
Current diagnosis of ASD
 Participants ≥3 y of age, N449136
  % with ASD diagnosis49.916.9