Am I Ready To Go Home: Discharge Readiness

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Emotional discharge readiness“I thought my son was ready. I was more concerned whether or not we were ready…. Well, it was after such a serious illness… We’re thrilled he’s coming home, but emotionally, ‘OK, now, what do we do?’”
“Because my daughter had 8, 9 different creams to put on all day long and I’m like, my goodness, I’m about to go home and it’s going to start, it’s going to be this cream here, this cream there, it’s just too much at one time…. So, just too much. I was nervous to go home and to have to deal with all of that.”
“I think every mother or father, they’re always concerned about their child regardless of what the doctors say to you like, ‘that’s my baby…’”
“I ran out of this hospital… with my baby!”
Clinical discharge readiness“I know he was back to normal because he was acting a fool… I wasn’t worried about him no more … once he started acting silly again. I know he was well, pretty much.”
“For us, the goal was always when her treatments were 4 hours apart… So we knew that when she would have her treatments 4 hours apart, we would be discharged… So, we just like kept watching the clock.”
“I didn't have any milestones… No, because one of the goals I thought it would be that she would be fever free [said sarcastically]... But yeah, my problem, you know, I expected her to not have fevers at all… And when we went home, she still had a low-grade fever.”