Risk of Bias for Included Studies as per Modified Newcastle-Ottawa Scale

Authors, YearSelection (Total 4)Comparability (Total 2)Outcome (Total 3)Overall Score (Total 9)Risk of Bias
Adams-Chapman, 20084228Low
Ambalavanan, 20003227Moderate
Ancel, 20064026Moderate
Beaino, 20104228Low
Bolisetty, 20144228Low
Broitman, 20074026Moderate
Doyle, 20003036Moderate
Goldstein, 20134138Low
Hoekstra, 20043025High
Keichl-Kohlendorfer, 20134026Moderate
Klebermass-Schrehof, 20123014High
Merhar, 20124127Moderate
Neubauer, 20083227Moderate
O’Keefe, 20013014High
Patra, 20064127Moderate
Payne, 20144228Low
Schmidhauser, 20064239Low
Sherlock, 20053036Moderate
Van de Bor, 20043036Moderate
Vollmer, 20033036Moderate
Vollmer, 20063036Moderate