Investigation and Management of a First Febrile UTI in Children Aged 2 to 24 Months: Published Nephrology Society Guidelines

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (2007)13Atypical, <6 mo of ageNo, unless <6 mo of age with positive US or atypical UTIYes >6 mo post-UTINo
American Academy of Pediatrics (2011)16YesNo, unless abnormal USNoNo
Italian Society of Pediatric Nephrology (2012)15YesNo, unless abnormal US or risk factorsYes >6 mo post-UTI if abnormal US or VURNo
Kidney Health Australia – Caring for Australasians with Renal Impairment (2014)14Yes, if: no second or third trimester US; <3 mo of age; or atypical UTINo, unless abnormal USNoNo
Canadian Paediatric Society (2014)17YesNo, unless abnormal USNoNo
  • US, ultrasound; VCUG, Voiding Cystourethrogram