Themes From Focus Group Discussions With HBB-Trained Providers

• Providers largely pleased with the HBB program in Tanzania as a whole.• Fewer reported program dislikes than likes.
• Improved provider-level newborn resuscitation knowledge, skills, and confidence.• Perceived small per diems during training.
• Simple HBB equipment and poster.• Training too short.
• Follow-up visits are good refresher.• A lot covered in 1 d, and sometimes not enough time for hands-on practice.
• Practical hands-on training and ability to practice at their facility is useful.• Some HBB attendees were not birth attendants, and some birth attendants were not able to attend the trainings.
HBB trainee manual and handouts useful for future reference.
• Regular rotation of HBB-trained providers away from labor ward.• Additional training desired.
• Not enough time to practice HBB at work because of staff shortages and large patient volumes.• Train the staff who were not able to attend original training.
• Limited space for newborn resuscitation in some smaller facilities and operating theaters.• Frequent follow-up visits and supportive supervision.
• Many providers still struggling with using bag-mask device.• Integrate HBB training into medical and nursing preservice curricula.