Association of Future AN Diagnosis Among Biopsied Women Without CD

HR for Future ANa
No. of Incident ANIncidence Rate of AN per 10 000 PYRUnadjusted HR for Future AN (95% CI)Adjustedb HR for Future AN (95% CI)
Matched controls206 (4–9)RefRef
 Inflammationc913 (7–25)2.12 (0.97–4.67)1.41 (0.55–3.58)
Matched controls1920 (13–31)RefRef
 Normal mucosa but CD+ serologyd947 (24–90)2.45 (1.10–5.45)2.59 (1.10–6.10)
  • PYR, person-years; Ref, reference.

  • a HRs were estimated by using stratified Cox proportional-hazard regression and ORs were estimated with conditional logistic regression. Controls were matched for age, sex, calendar period of birth, and county of residence.

  • b Adjusted analyses accounting for education level, socioeconomic status, and type 1 diabetes.

  • c Small-intestinal inflammation without villous atrophy (Marsh I–II).

  • d Normal mucosa (Marsh 0) but with positive CD serology 180 days before and until 30 days after biopsy (antigliadin, antiendomysial, or antitransglutaminase antibodies).