Percentage of Providers Correctly Completing Each OSCE Task, by Time Since Training

OSCE TaskImplementing PartnerEvaluation Team
Immediately After Training, % Correct4–6 Wk After Training, % Correct4–6 Wk After Training, % Correct4–6 Mo After Training, % Correct
Washes hands or uses alcohol rub, puts on gloves91.692.088.677.5
Prepares an area for ventilation and checks equipment71.281.369.253.9
Dries infant thoroughly94.892.392.488.3
Removes wet cloth and replaces with a dry cloth89.281.067.956.2
Positions head and clears airway by using a penguin sucker87.780.481.179.5
Stimulates breathing by rubbing the back68.154.645.448.3
Cuts cord and places infant so that it can be ventilated81.081.780.474.8
Keeps infant warm during resuscitation87.783.279.868.6
Starts ventilation within 1 min of birth85.
Ventilates at 40 breaths per min80.475.873.670.9
Looks at the exposed chest for chest movement84.882.585.784.9
Improves ventilation with ≥1 of the following88.684.981.880.2
 Repositions head, opens mouth slightly, and clears secretions
 Reapplies mask
 Squeezes bag harder
 Recognizes infant is doing well and stops ventilation81.380.187.690.3