Quality Measures Characterized by Content Area

Content Area TotalUniqueContent AreaTotalUnique
Condition-specific measuresPreventive care
 Depression2011 Immunizations248
 Asthma1710 Nutrition/physical activity94
 Dental health1411 Developmental screening32
 HIV/AIDS1210 Well-child visits83
 Renal disease118 Hearing/vision screening44
 Otitis media with effusion85 Other screening22
 Lower respiratory infection (includes community-acquired pneumonia)76
 Acute otitis externa73Hospital-based outcomes
 Acute gastroenteritis65 Readmission42
 Substance abuse (tobacco/alcohol)53 Length of stay11
 Atopic dermatitis44 Mortality107
 Diabetes mellitus43 General quality/safety44
 Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder41 Hospital-acquired infections2011
Chlamydia41 Adverse conditions/events2013
 DVT management33
 Oncologic diagnoses33Systems of care
 Upper respiratory infection31 Nursing care44
 Pharyngitis31 Care coordination87
 Appendicitis11 Transitions/discharges66
 Urinary tract infection11 Access to care87
 Ventriculoperitoneal shunts11 Emergency visits and processes2410
 Retinopathy of prematurity11 Environmental44
 Other condition specific66 Patient satisfaction/surveys97
Other diagnostics and therapeutics
 Radiation studies2014Surgical
 Outpatient antibiotic therapy55 Cardiac77
 Palliative care22 General3019
 Antipsychotic use55
Total measures386257