Prevalence of Substance Use Behaviors by Type of Marijuana Use and Associations Between Substance Use Behaviors and Type of Marijuana Use Among US High School Students: National YRBS, 2015

Substance Use BehaviorsNonuseEver Used Marijuana OnlyEver Used Synthetic Cannabinoid
%aPR95% CI%aPR95% CI%aPR95% CI
Current cigarette usea2.3Reference17.77.98(6.28–10.14)b46.220.55(15.57–27.11)b,c
Current electronic vapor products usea9.4Reference41.74.56(4.02–5.18)b63.56.74(5.89–7.70)b,c
Current alcohol usea15.7Reference56.03.45(3.09–3.85)b78.64.85(4.34–5.43)b,c
Binge drinkinga,d5.3Reference32.65.83(4.74–7.17)b55.09.82(8.07–11.97)b,c
Ever took prescription drugs without a doctor’s prescription5.8Reference25.04.36(3.74–5.09)b60.610.36(8.69–12.35)b,c
Ever used inhalants2.9Reference7.32.80(2.19–3.58)b30.411.15(8.52–14.60)b,c
Ever used hallucinogenic drugs0.3Reference8.629.77(12.95–68.40)b40.5133.04(57.54–307.63)b,c
Ever used cocaine0.3Reference5.919.10(10.80–33.76)b33.5105.44(60.83–182.74)b,c
Ever used heroin0.1Reference1.212.52(5.10–30.73)b15.7151.90(62.29–370.41)b,c
Ever used methamphetamines0.2Reference2.515.54(8.83–27.35)b21.9133.57(67.20–265.49)b,c
Ever used ecstasy0.4Reference6.115.78(8.41–29.61)b31.477.98(42.71–142.39)b,c
Ever injected any illegal drug0.2Reference1.24.50(2.24–9.04)b12.549.65(26.04–94.64)b,c
Tried marijuana before age 13 years14.3Reference35.22.35(1.93–2.88)c
Current marijuana usea51.5Reference70.71.36(1.28–1.45)c
Current frequent marijuana usee23.3Reference43.01.88(1.65–2.14)c
  • All models were adjusted for sex, grade, and race/ethnicity. —, not applicable.

  • a On at least 1 day during the 30 days before the survey.

  • b Linear contrast indicates significantly different from the nonusers group, P < .05.

  • c Linear contrast indicates significantly different from the marijuana-only group, P < .05.

  • d Defined as drinking ≥5 drinks of alcohol in a row within 2 hours.

  • e Defined as using marijuana ≥20 during the 30 days before the survey among students who reported using marijuana during the 30 days before the survey.