Mean Adherence Scores by Tertile

All PatientsHighest Adherence Score TertileLowest Adherence Score Tertile
NaMean (SD)NMean (SD)NMean (SD)
ED scores26478.8 (18.1)9195.3 (4)9158.9 (15.6)
Inpatient scores21695.0 (6.3)7399.7(0.2)6987.2 (5.1)
Combined ED and inpatient scores21389.1 (8.1)7197 (2)7179.5 (5.9)
  • a Fifty-one cases were treated in the ED only; 3 cases were treated in the inpatient setting only. Combined includes only patients who were seen both in the ED and inpatient setting during this hospitalization.