ORs (95% CIs) for ADHD by Tertile Categories of Mediterranean Diet Score and Consumption of Other Food Groups

nCrude OR (95% CI)
Mediterranean diet score
 High adherence361 (reference)
 Medium adherence372.84 (1.05–7.67)
 Low adherence477.07 (2.65–18.84)
P for linear trend<.001*
Vegetable consumption
 Medium401.60 (0.68–4.13)
 Low403.85 (1.53–9.75)
 P for linear trend.004*
Citrus fruit consumption
 Medium401.36 (0.55–3.29)
 Low402.68 (1.08–6.65)
 P for linear trend.034*
Fatty fish consumption
 High401 (reference)
 Medium401.84 (0.75–4.49)
 Low402.50 (1.02–6.15)
P for linear trend.046*
Sugar and candy consumption
 Low401 (reference)
 Medium421.11 (0.45–2.70)
 High383.25 (1.28–8.25)
P for linear trend.014*
Cola beverage consumption
 Low401 (reference)
 Medium400.73 (0.29–1.80)
 High403.55 (1.40–9.01)
 P for linear trend.008*
Soft-drink consumption
 Low401 (reference)
 Medium401.23 (0.50–3.02)
 High403.89 (1.53–9.87)
 P for linear trend.004*
  • OR, odds ratio.

  • * P < .05.