Characteristics of Clinicians and Their Patient Panels, 2014

Type of ClinicianControlSingle Median PricePaired Internal/External Median PricesPa
 Total unique patients101058110474921016624.91
 Total orders605479667662.11
 Total encounters276620902747168528642073.93
 Characteristics of clinician’s patient panels
  Mean age, y727272.63
  Percent female50%10%50%8%49%8%.86
  Percent white65%17%62%19%63%19%.71
  Mean number of chronic conditionsb0.
  Percent Medicaid insured19%9%21%9%19%8%.53
  Percent commercially insured76%9%75%9%77%8%.49
 Total unique patients110127104148105136.95
 Total orders9261015813.70
 Total encounters222263208276212260.94
 Characteristics of clinician’s patient panels
  Mean age, y164164164.68
  Percent female67%22%66%26%64%23%.70
  Percent white68%20%71%19%72%20%.34
  Mean number of chronic conditionsb0.260.310.
  Percent Medicaid insured19%11%18%11%18%13%.83
  Percent commercially insured76%13%78%12%76%13%.54
  • Pediatric-focused clinician n = 87 for Control, n = 73 for Single Median, and n = 67 for Paired Internal/External; adult-oriented clinician n = 89 for Control, n = 86 for Single Median, and n = 104 for Paired Internal/External.

  • a One-way ANOVA.

  • b Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality’s Chronic Condition Indicator.34