Risk of Health Risk Behaviors by Cigarette Smoking and EVP Use, National YRBS, 2015

Health Risk Behavior%Nonuse%Cigarette Smoking Only%EVP Use Only%Dual Usea
PRPR (95% CI)PR (95% CI)PR (95% CI)
Injury and violence
 Text/e-mail while drivingb34.4Ref53.41.19 (0.94–1.49)52.71.39 (1.26–1.53)62.71.41 (1.21–1.64)
 Engaged in a physical fightc16.5Ref36.31.88 (1.52–2.33)29.61.72 (1.53–1.93)55.2d,e2.87 (2.53–3.26)
 Carried a weaponb2.5Ref8.01.48 (0.84–2.59)4.91.45 (0.99–2.12)12.01.82 (1.30–2.56)
 Attempted suicidec5.7Ref18.53.46 (2.51–4.77)10.5f1.86 (1.53–2.25)23.3e4.01 (3.17–5.08)
Substance use
 Current alcohol useb18.7Ref72.72.67 (2.22–3.20)61.92.62 (2.39–2.87)86.4d,e3.29 (2.88–3.77)
 Current marijuana useb9.9Ref51.43.49 (2.80–4.36)43.73.70 (3.16–4.32)69.7d,e5.22 (4.42–6.18)
 Ever synthetic marijuana use3.2Ref26.15.39 (3.84–7.58)14.5f3.67 (3.04–4.44)40.2d,e8.65 (6.60–11.35)
 Ever use of other illicit drugsg6.1Ref29.23.23 (2.17–4.83)19.82.73 (2.25–3.30)50.7d,e5.75 (4.48–7.40)
 Ever nonmedical use of prescription drugs9.3Ref36.12.66 (2.04–3.48)24.82.30 (1.97–2.68)54.9d,e4.13 (3.44–4.96)
Sexual risk behaviors
 Four or more lifetime sexual partners6.1Ref33.83.84 (2.86–5.16)16.9f2.35 (1.93–2.87)39.0e4.60 (3.64–5.81)
 Current sexual activityh21.5Ref56.31.93 (1.64–2.28)46.21.86 (1.65–2.10)63.8e2.30 (1.91–2.78)
 Did not use a condom at last sexual intercoursei41.5Ref48.41.17 (0.93–1.49)38.10.93 (0.82–1.05)52.2e1.27 (1.07–1.50)
Dietary behaviors and physical activityj
 Fruit <2 times/d69.4Ref71.51.05 (0.96–1.14)65.70.95 (0.90–1.01)66.80.99 (0.93–1.06)
 Vegetables <3 times/d86.6Ref82.80.98 (0.94–1.02)84.50.98 (0.95–1.01)79.00.94 (0.91–0.98)
 Soda ≥3 times/d5.3Ref15.32.66 (1.79–3.95)7.6f1.35 (1.04–1.76)18.1e3.03 (2.26–4.05)
 <7 d of physical activity74.1Ref76.41.07 (1.00–1.15)66.7f0.91 (0.88–0.95)69.5e1.01 (0.96–1.07)
  • PRs (adjusted for sex, race/ethnicity, grade, smokeless tobacco use, and cigar smoking): comparisons are considered significant if 95% CIs do not include 1.0. Linear contrasts: differences are considered significant if P < .05 for the contrast. Significant differences are noted on the prevalence estimates.

  • a “Dual use” is defined as currently smoking cigarettes and using EVPs.

  • b During the 30 d before the survey.

  • c During the 12 mo before the survey.

  • d Linear contrast is significant for dual use vs cigarette smoking only.

  • e Linear contrast is significant for dual use vs EVP use only.

  • f Linear contrast is significant for EVP use only vs cigarette smoking only.

  • g Cocaine, inhalants, heroin, methamphetamines, ecstasy, and hallucinogenic drugs.

  • h During the 3 mo before the survey.

  • i Analyzed among students who were currently sexually active.

  • j During the 7 d before the survey.