National Estimates of Types of Medications Implicated in ED Visits for Unsupervised Exposures Involving a Single Medication by Children Aged <6 Years, United States, 2010–2013

Medication TypeED Visits: Annual National Estimate
No.%95% CI
Medication dosage form
 Oral solid (eg, tablet)45 07972.570.1–74.9
 Oral liquid954615.413.5–17.2
 Unspecified orala21343.42.0–4.8
 Nonoral medication51048.27.2–9.3
 Unspecified dosage form305b0.50.2–0.8
Medication prescription status
 Prescription31 80251.249.2–53.1
 OTC26 96743.441.6–45.2
 Unspecified prescription status33995.54.3–6.7
  • Estimates based on the NEISS-CADES project, 2010 through 2013.

  • a Denotes cases in which the child accessed an oral medication, but there was not enough information to determine whether it was an oral liquid or an oral solid dosage form.

  • b Coefficient of variation = 30.6%.