Characteristics of Children With Septic Joint Arthritis Treated With Antibiotics Alone or With Dexamethasone

CharacteristicsAntibiotics Alone, Mean (95% CI)Dexamethasone and Antibiotics, Mean (95% CI)P
Age, mo27.4 (20.7–34.2)20.6 (15.6–25.6).88a
Fever on admission, °C38.8 (38.6–39.0)38.9 (38.5–39.2).68b
WBC on admission, /mm314.4 (13.5–15.4)15.4 (14.0–16.8).33b
CRP on admission, mg/dL6.3 (4.9–7.7)5.6 (3.8–7.4).96a
ESR on admission, mm/h52.2 (45.9–58.6)55.9 (44.2–67.6).46a
Duration of symptoms before hospitalization, d3.7 (3.0–4.5)3.5 (2.3–4.6).88a
  • CI, confidence interval.

  • a Nonparametric Mann-Whitney test.

  • b Student’s t test.