Risk Stratification for Various Cutaneous Markers

High RiskIntermediate RiskLow Risk
HypertrichosisCapillary malformations (also referred to as NFS or salmon patch when pink and poorly defined, or PWS when darker red and well defined)Coccygeal dimple
Infantile hemangiomaLight hair
Atretic meningoceleIsolated café au laít spots
DSTMongolian spots
Subcutaneous lipomaHypo- and hypermelanotic macules or papules
Caudal appendageDeviated or forked gluteal cleft
Segmental hemangiomas in association with LUMBAR syndromeNonmidline lesions
  • LUMBAR, lower body hemangioma and other cutaneous defects, urogenital abnormalities, ulcerations, myelopathy, bony defects, anorectal malformations, arterial anomalies, and renal anomalies.