Baseline Adolescent Patient Characteristics

Characteristics% of Patients
All Patients (n = 49)Collaborative Care (n = 25)Usual Care (n = 24)
 Age, y, mean (SD)15.0 (1.6)15.1 (1.6)14.8 (1.7)
  Asian or Pacific Islander8.24.012.5
 Parent married79.680.079.2
 Parent education
  High school graduate or less6.14.08.3
  Some college26.528.025.0
  College graduate46.952.041.7
  Graduate school20.516.025.0
 Annual household income
  ≤$50 00020.420.020.8
  $50 000–$100 00026.528.025.0
  >$100 000K46.944.050.0
Preinjury health concerns
 Previous ADHD or LD diagnosis18.816.720.8
 History of anxiety or depression37.537.537.5
 History of previous concussion52.141.762.5
 History of headache18.816.720.8
Injury type
 Sports related57.573.9*41.7*
 Recreation related42.526.158.3
Clinical profile at baseline
 Median days since concussion (interquartile range)66.0 (45.0)60.0 (38.0)74.5 (59.5)
 High postconcussion symptomsa83.784.083.3
 High depressive symptomsb40.840.041.7
 High anxiety symptomsc8.30.017.4
  • ADHD, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder; LD, learning disability.

  • a Scores >22 on the HBI.

  • b >10 symptoms on the PHQ-9.45

  • c T-score >65 on the PROMIS-PA8.

  • * Statistically significant between groups, P ≤ .05.