Parental Concerns About Vaccines

Vaccine safety
 Too many vaccines
 Development of autism
 Vaccine additives (thimerosal, aluminum)
 Overload the immune system
 Serious adverse reactions
 Potential for long-term adverse events
 Inadequate research performed before licensure
 May cause pain to the child
 May make the child sick
Necessity of vaccines
 Disease is more “natural” than vaccine
 Parents do not believe diseases being prevented are serious
 Vaccine-preventable diseases have disappeared
 Not all vaccines are needed
 Vaccines do not work
Freedom of choice
 Parents have the right to choose whether to immunize their child
 Parents know what’s best for their child
 Believe that the risks outweigh the benefits of vaccine
 Do not trust organized medicine, public health
 Do not trust government health authorities
 Do not trust pharmaceutical companies
 Ethical, moral, or religious reasons