The Female Athlete Triad Coalition’s Recommended Screening Questions for the Female Athlete Triad68

QuestionIncluded on the Fourth-Edition PPE Form69
1. Do you worry about your weight or body composition?
2. Do you limit or carefully control the foods that you eat?
3. Do you try to lose weight to meet weight or image/appearance requirements in your sport?
4. Does your weight affect the way you feel about yourself?
5. Do you worry that you have lost control over how much you eat?
6. Do you make yourself vomit or use diuretics or laxatives after you eat?
7. Do you currently or have you ever suffered from an eating disorder?
8. Do you ever eat in secret?
9. What age was your first menstrual period?
10. Do you have monthly menstrual cycles?
11. How many menstrual cycles have you had in the last year?
12. Have you ever had a stress fracture?