Variation in Hospital-to-Home Transition Summary Score Means and ICU-to-Floor Transition Note Quality Score Means Across Hospitals

Hospital SiteEligible Patients, nHospital Mean Score (95% Confidence Interval)P for Omnibus TestDifference From Mean of All Other HospitalsP for Difference From Overall Mean
Hospital-to-home transition summary scorea
All hospitals92461.2 (60.1 to 62.3)<.001
Children’s hospitalsHospital A19870.7 (67.8 to 73.5)12.0<.001
Hospital B19871.3 (69.7 to 73.0)13.3<.001
Hospital C19959.6 (58.3 to 60.9)−2.1.13
Community hospitalsHospital D22454.8 (52.8 to 56.9)−7.7<.001
Hospital E15042.4 (41.2 to 43.7)−22.5<.001
ICU-to-floor transition note quality measure scores
All children’s hospitals12664.9 (56.6 to 73.2).053
Children’s hospitalsHospital A4670.8 (57.4 to 84.2)9.4.28
Hospital B3548.6 (31.2 to 66.0)−22.6.015
Hospital C4571.5 (58.3 to 84.7)10.3.24
  • a ODD-adjusted summary scores, incorporating hospital-to-home transition record quality scores and timely discharge communication quality scores.