Common Sources of Lead Exposure

House paint used before 1978 but especially before 1960Deteriorated paint releases fine lead dust during home renovation.
Toys and furniture painted before 1976
Painted toys made outside the United States
Lead bullets, fishing sinkers, certain weightsExposures often occur during practice in firing ranges.
Plumbing, pipes, and faucetsLead leaches into drinking water when the pipes are connected with lead solder.
Soil contaminated by leadOften in soil near highways and in yard of houses with exterior lead paint.
Hobbies involving soldering such as stained glass, jewelry making, pottery glazing, and miniature lead figuresAlways check the labels.
Children’s paint sets and art suppliesAlways check the labels.
Pewter pitchers and ceramic dinner ware
Storage batteries
Parental occupationAuto repair, mining, battery manufacture, pipe fitting and plumbing, welding, firing range use, ship building, painting, construction.
Folk remediesGreta and Azarcon, Hispanic traditional medicines; Ghasard, an Indian folk medicine; and Ba-baw-saw, a Chinese herbal remedy, contain lead.
CosmeticsExamples include Swad brand Sindoor, a cosmetic product used by traditional Hindus; Tiro, an eye cosmetic from Nigeria.
Candy from MexicoIngredient tamarind may contain lead.
Toy jewelryA child died in 2006 after swallowing a metal heart charm that came with a purchase of shoes made by Reebok.