Federal Standards for Lead in House Paint, House Dust, Soil, Water, Air, and Candy

1. Lead-based paint (XRF)1 µg/cm2
2. Paint containing lead applied after August 14, 200990 ppm by wt
3. Testing (full risk assessment) for dust lead hazards (by wipe sampling)
 a. Floors40 µg/ft2
 b. Interior window sills200 µg/ft2
4. Screening test for dust levels (by wipe sampling) to determine whether a full risk assessment is indicated
 a. Floors25 µg/ft2
 b. Interior window sills125 µg/ft2
5. Dust lead clearance levels after abatement (by wipe sampling)
 a. Floors40 µg/ft2
 b. Interior window sills250 µg/ft2
6. Bare residential soil
 a. Children’s playground area400 µg/g
 b. Yard other than play area1200 µg/g
7. Drinking water systems
 Exceeded if lead is above this concentration in >10% of a drinking water system’s tap water samples15 ppb (0.015 mg/L)
8. Candy likely to be consumed by small children0.1 ppb
9. National Ambient Air Quality Standards: μg/m3
  • Other state or local standards may vary, and the most protective standard applies. FDA has not set a standard for lead in cosmetics.

  • 1–7, adapted from HUD.36

  • 8, from FDA Guidance for Industry, November 2006.