Revised Diagnostic Criteria for Rowell Syndrome

Major Criteria (Must Fulfill All)
1. Presence of CCLE (DLE or chilblain lupus)
2. Presence of EM-like lesions (typical or atypical)
3. At least 1 positivity among speckled ANA, anti-Ro/SSA, and anti-La/SSB antibodies
4. Negative DIF on EM-like lesions
Minor Criteria (Must Fulfill at Least 1)
1. Absence of infectious or pharmacologic triggers
2. Absence of typical EM locations (acral and mucosal)
3. Presence of at least 1 American Rheumatism Association criterion for diagnosis of SLE besides discoid rash and ANA and excluding photosensitivity, malar rash, and oral ulcers
  • CCLE, chronic cutaneous lupus erythematosus; EM, erythema multiforme. Reprinted with permission from Torchia D, Romanelli P, Kerdel FA. Erythema multiforme and Steven-Johnson syndrome/ toxic epidermal necrolysis associated with lupus erythematosus. J AM Acad Dermatol. 2012;67(3):421.