RRs and Propensity-Adjusted ORs for the Association Between Phototherapy and Cancer, by Cancer Site

NaUnadjusted AnalysesPropensity-Adjusted Analysesb
All cancer11001.61.2 to 2.0.0021.41.1 to 1.9.007
Leukemia2581.81.1 to to 3.1.02
Lymphoid leukemia1391.30.6 to 2.9.491.30.6 to 2.9.55
Myeloid leukemia1132.71.4 to 5.2.0062.61.3 to 5.0.005
Brain or nervous system cancer1831.10.5 to 2.4.691.00.5 to 2.1.97
Eye or orbit cancer1071.10.4 to 2.9.791.00.4 to 2.7.96
Kidney cancer902.71.3 to to 5.1.02
Liver cancer830.70.2 to to 2.5.5
Soft tissue cancer700.40.1 to 2.9.520.40.1 to 2.7.33
Other cancer4521.71.1 to to 2.4.02
  • a Some subjects had >1 type of cancer.

  • b Propensity-adjusted model included a propensity score for phototherapy that included the following variables: gender, birth wt, gestational age, large for gestational age, twin birth, birth by cesarean delivery, payer source, year of birth, maternal race, paternal race, maternal Hispanic ethnicity, maternal age, paternal age, maternal education, paternal education, Down syndrome, other chromosomal anomalies, and nonchromosomal congenital anomalies. The propensity score had an area under the receiver operating characteristic curve of 0.67.

  • c Fisher’s exact test used.