HR and 95% CIsa in the Association of Change in BMI Categoryb and Development of Incident HTN

BMI CategorybChildren 3–11 yAdolescents 12–17 y
N Incident HTNPerson-YearsHR95% CIN Incident HTNPerson-YearsHR95% CI
Stayed healthy wt3870 3611.00Reference category2729 7811.00Reference category
Healthy wt to overweight or obese1618 9631.140.63–2.051153101.740.86–3.51
Stayed overweight564521.090.43–2.79742621.20.52–2.77
Obese or overweight to healthy wt810 3681.090.51–2.34442420.710.25–2.04
Overweight to obese or severely obese840142.251.05–4.84713843.391.47–7.82
Stayed obese6615 1093.712.43–5.676770263.642.27–5.82
Obese to overweight1480631.790.96–3.3395171.460.68–3.12
  • a Adjusted for gender, race, insurance type, year of cohort entry (secular trend), study site, annual visit rate, and baseline SBP percentile.

  • b BMI categories: Low healthy wt, 5th–49th percentile; high healthy wt, 50th–84th percentile; overweight, 85th–94th percentile; obese, 95th–99th percentile; severely obese, ≥99th percentile.