HRs and 95% CIsa for the Association Between Baseline BMI Categoryb and Incident HTN Over Median 3.1-y Follow-up

BMI CategorybChildren 3–11 yAdolescents 12–17 y
No. Cases Incident HTNPerson-Years Follow-UpHR95% CINo. Cases Incident HTNPerson-Years Follow-UpHR95% CI
Low healthy wt3555 8591.00 Reference1718 6121.00 Reference
High healthy wt3566 6960.720.45–1.142926 1850.930.51–1.70
Overweight3527 0121.420.88–2.272611 7451.410.76–2.62
Obese4417 9262.021.28–3.184787102.21.24–3.91
Severely obese4458334.422.77–7.043120374.462.39–8.31
P for linear trend<.0001<.0001
  • a Adjusted for gender, race, insurance type, year of cohort entry (secular trend), study site, annual visit rate, and baseline SBP percentile.

  • b BMI categories: Low healthy wt, 5th–49th percentile; high healthy wt, 50th–84th percentile; overweight, 85th–94th percentile; obese, 95th–99th percentile, severely obese, ≥99th percentile.