General UnintentionalTherapeutic ErrorTotal% of Total
n = 137 550n = 97 424
No. of Calls% of TotalNo. of Calls% of Total
Management Site
 On site (non-HCF)121 65988.485 09887.3206 75788.0
 Referred to HCF by PCC45773.334893.680663.4
 Already en route/in HCF88756.576267.816 5017.0
Level of HCF Care
 Treated/Evaluated and released960471.4801172.117 61571.7
 Admitted to non-ICU6725.08637.815356.3
 Admitted to ICU4933.76205.611134.5
 Patient refused/No show7875.93933.511804.8
 Lost to follow-up/Left AMA189114.1122411.0311512.7
Medical Outcome / Clinical Effects
 Not followed (nontoxic or minimal effect)88 54464.466 09167.8154 63565.8
 No effect29 34021.322 37823.051 71822.0
 Minor effect12 4589.150865.217 5447.5
 Moderate effect10110.78710.918820.8
 Major effect1020.1970.11990.1
 Death (including indirect report)3< 0.19< 0.112< 0.1
 Unrelated effect30212.216991.747202.0
 Confirmed nonexposure3050.21380.14430.2
 Unable to follow (potentially toxic)27662.010551.138211.6
  • Management site, level of care, and clinical effects are reported for each exposure that occurred outside of an HCF. Indirectly reported deaths refers to cases where the PCC was notified after the death occurred (eg, by a medical examiner) but was not involved in the patient’s care. Note that level of care applies only to calls that were referred to or already at an HCF. AMA, against medical advice.